On behalf of being basic.

One of the things I hate most is when girls refer to each other as "basic bitches," because ninety-nine percent of the time a lot of the qualities that categorize a girl as a "basic bitch" can also be found in me.

So let me go ahead and clear up some things. 

UGGs are comfortable. I straight up roll into work in kinda sorta pajamas, so I'm going to be the last person to sneer at a chick who chooses to go around in a shoe that simulates walking on a cloud. Do you know what kind of women wear heels all day, every day? The ones who take taxis. I have a monthly metrocard, and homies, you better believe that magnetic strip can scarcely read by year's end.

Starbucks is candy. Do you know why sugar is the main ingredient in Starbucks beverages, and not coffee? Because everyone loves sugar. In some form or another, we all crave it. Starbucks was smart and incorporated this into its business model, and "basic bitches" are simply efficient and go straight to the source. Personally I don't like Starbucks—nevertheless, trust that wherever I get my coffee, half of it is saccharin.

Everyone likes being in pictures. I mean, fucking everyone: we enjoy seeing our faces, and moreover, we prefer it when we have control over the image so it represents our best-looking selves. Validation is something all people seek, not because we crave attention, or because we're approval addicts, but because why in the hell would you not want someone to recognize your existence? 

There are many weekends when I do not leave the house, and actually watch content on Netflix for eight hours straight. Go read a book, go to a museum, go to a park, you say? Obviously. Obviously and of course those are all better options. But like many people, I'm usually at my job at least ten hours a day, and then come home to focus on freelance or this blog. Therefore, on weekends the only thing I want to concern myself with is why Don Draper is so persistently disappointing. 

I do not carefully construct my meals with artisanal food products, or try new zany things. Not because I don't want to, but A) I have hella student loans to pay, B) I live alone and the only person who is going to help with everything is me, and C) see above.

We can't all be fashionistas all the time. "Dafuq? Is this not a fashion blog?" I hear you all whisper-asking yourselves. It is. But I opt for it to be a realistic one. The funds, energy, and time typically required for that lifestyle are not always readily available. So many daysfor me at leastit's just jeans, a tee, and sneakers. If that makes me basic, then amen hallelujah and pass the Converse and Levi's.

In the spirit of remaining basic, no fancy stuff this post. JUST LIL' OL ME.

Zara cardigan, jeans, and sneakers. Uniqlo tee. J. Crew belt. Banana Republic silver necklace. African record beads from Etsy.

Yep. Just me.

Just me sitting in these plants.

That's right: Just me sitting in these basic ol' plants.

YEUP, just me hanging around these ol' plants and doing some basic lunges, per usual.

Maybe giving them a little love.


Or not.

Or maybe taking a ride on this basic bike that is not mine.

Or perhaps partaking in my favorite basic activity of all: snapping selfies.



Yes I see the gray hair, don't worry about it.

And that's about it.

Ok I have to go watch Mad Men now.